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Jerald J. Williams

From the Biographical History of Primitive or Old School Baptist Ministers, Volume 2. By David Montgomery and Mark Green, 2001.

Elder Jerald J. Williams was born July 31, 1928 at Terry, MS son of Clyde and Berie Seal Williams. He married Evelyn Wilkinson of Gloster, MS April 13, 1952 and had three children: Jerald J. Jr., Susan W. Hatten, 9wife of elder W.C. Hatten), and John C.

He joined Plymouth Church, Gloster, MS, November 21, 1054 when he was blessed to see the beauty of God’s sovereign grace and the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus. He was ordained a deacon in July 1959 and an elder July 29, 1962.

He served Salem Church, Natchez, MS and Plymouth Church, Gloster, MS until his death December 30, 1998. In addition, he briefly served New Bethel Church, Lexie, MS and New Prospect Church, Cleveland, MS.

Elder Williams was a true and faithful servant of God and devoted his life to the cause of Christ. His preaching was indeed blessed of God, his influence was for good, and he was greatly loved and esteemed as he preached God’s word among the Old Baptists. Some descriptions of him at the time of his death were: “He was one of the kindest men,” “He was a peaceful man, desiring peace that comes through the Truth,” “He was one of our princes in the Kingdom of God.” His final testimony just before he departed this life was “God is greater than man.”

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Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)
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