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"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

- Acts 17:11


Aquino, Stephen R.
Article: History of Old Brick PB Church, Maryland.
Publication: Commemorative Address 2018
Added: 10/07/20
Article: Romans 8:28
Publication: Banner of Love - May 2015 -
Added: 09/08/18

Bass, Hulan
Publication: The GOOD NEWS Newsletter, Jan., 2008
Added: 06/16/20

Bibler, James
Article: What Is A Primitive Baptist?
Publication: Little Zion PBC Site
Added: 06/15/18

Daniels, Allen
Article: Feet Washing
Added: 07/22/18
Article: The Origin of the Devil
Added: 08/11/18

Gowens, Michael
Article: Born Again: The Doctrine of Effectual Calling
Publication: Sovereign Grace Publcations
Added: 05/20/20
Article: How To Interpret The Bible
Added: 05/20/20
Article: Mutual Ministry
Added: 05/20/20
Article: Why I am a Primitive Baptist
Added: 05/20/20

Griffin, G. E.
Article: Baptism and Repentance For The Remission of Sins
Publication: Banner Of Love, 1/15/1946, Vol 14, Num 6
Added: 01/01/20

Guess, Judy
Article: Considerations For Preacher's Wives
Publication: Ripley Church Site
Added: 08/23/18

Guess, Zack
Article: Instrumental Music in Worship
Publication: Grace Chapel PBC
Added: 07/20/18

Holder, Joseph
Article: Problem with Fullerism
Publication: Little Zion PBC Site
Added: 07/22/18

Ivey, Michael
Article: Deceased Infant Salvation
Added: 07/21/18

Johnson, Vernon
Article: Elect - - On What Basis?
Publication: Banner of Love - Feb 2014
Added: 06/06/18
Article: Romans 8:28
Publication: Denton PBC website
Added: 05/23/18

Lathrop, Kerry
Article: Begotten By The Word of God
Publication: Mountain Home PBC Website- 1/25/08
Added: 04/23/20
Article: LEPROSY: Sin - Salvation - Sanctification
Publication: Mountain Home PBC web site
Added: 04/23/20

McCarthy, Bill
Article: Sin of Complaining
Added: 07/22/18

McCarthy, Randy
Article: Bodily Resurrection
Added: 07/22/18

Montgomery, J.J.
Article: Thanksgiving Day
Publication: Advocate and Messenger, 78yr - Nov 1939 - No. 10
Added: 10/29/18

Moore, Vessie M.
Article: Like A Tree
Publication: Messenger of Peace, Vol. LXXXIII 12/1957, No. 12
Added: 10/26/18

Mozingo Jr., Gowens &
Article: Ten Reasons Why PBs are not Calvinists
Publication: PBS
Added: 10/04/21

Mozingo Sr., Lonnie
Article: Where Will You Spend Eternity?
Publication: PBS
Added: 10/04/21

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primitive baptist elder  

Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)
Elder James Compton was the original founder of the 'Gospel of Grace Tape Supply.' His collection of tapes began as he traveled to Church meetings and Associations recording sermons on Reel to Reel. He has maintained this library of sermons faithfully over the years and are now the foundation of PB Sermons. org. This web site is dedicated to Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)