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Considerations For Preacher's Wives
Publication: Ripley Church Site
Author: Judy Guess
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• Be your husband’s prayer partner  

• Pray for church members  

• Pray for your husband constantly  

1. For his preaching – doors to open; boldness 

2. For him to grow in grace and holiness 

3. For him to be delivered from temptations (don’t be naïve) 

4. Let him know you are praying for him 

5. Ask him for personal prayer requests 



• You are a helper for your husband-your foremost job! The woman is made for the man (1 Cor. 11: 9) 

(The world’s view is opposite!)  

1. Make it easy for him to study, pray (provide opportunities, esp. Sat. pm, Sun. am) 

2. Don’t be a whiner and complainer (you could hinder his ministry) 

3. Enter into his ministry; be a part, and you won’t feel left out and resentful. Make your home an extension of his ministry. 

• Give him lots of PRAISE and encouragement. Be his biggest fan!  

• Give him small, kind doses of constructive criticism (Write them down and present them at the “right” time)  

• Be alert to needs in the congregation – this is a real asset to him!  

• Watch out for his health – encourage rest, exercise, proper diet.  

• Watch out for his reputation – alert him to dangerous of potentially dangerous situations-especially counseling sessions where women are married to unbelievers or unspiritual men. 



• Have “sealed” lips. Don’t spread gossip. There will be information you know because your husband is a preacher, but it doesn’t need to go further. At times, he’ll have info he can’t share even with you. Don’t badger him with curiosity. Pray for him and for the person involved. Let him know you’re upholding him in prayer and asking God to give him wisdom.  

• Be careful and wise in whom you confide (besides your husband). Be careful about having “best friends” in your church. Have a mature confidant – preferably a relative or another preacher’s wife. This will stop many hurt feelings.  


• Open your home  

• Pray for God to direct you who to invite. Ask your husband also. Don’t play “favorites.”  • Keep a list, so you’ll invite everyone sooner or later.  

• Learn flexibility – be ready to change plans at a moment’s notice. Be prepared for company-an emergency shelf. 



• You will be called on to share your husband-his time, energy, presence. If you believe in what he’s doing and know that he’s called of God, it will be easier not to feel slighted.  

• Go with him when at all possible. Share his ministry. Let the children feel a part.  

• Don’t hinder him from going where God leads.  

• Don’t feel sorry for yourself.  

• Don’t hold grudges against those who may harm or not agree with your husband. Pray for them and do good to them.  

• Love the church people, and consider it a privilege to serve them with your husband. Pray for ways to show them the love of Christ.  

• Hold all things of this life “loosely” – you may to give them up at any time (death, moving, sickness…)  

• Pray for ideas for ministering to people in church-birthday cards, Get-well cards, phone calls, “thinking of you” notes. Little things – goody bags for exam week for college kids, regular supper and devotional time with bachelors, get togethers with young people, etc.  

• Protect Sat. pm and Sun. pm for husband – arrange routine around husband, and don’t expect his help at this time. This is your gift to him and part of your “fellowship in the gospel.” • Guard against bitterness  

1. Your husband won’t please everyone all the time. Consider the criticism; don’t be defensive; pray, and then do what’s right at all costs! 

2. The more intense the opposition, the more intense the prayer!! 

3. Remember don’t take matters in your own hands to defend your husband. “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” 

4. How you respond to criticism is vital-you must have HUMILITY! 




larry heldman  

Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)
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