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Allen Daniels

From the Biographical History of Primitive or Old School Baptist Ministers by David Montgomery and Mark Green:

Elder Daniels was born on June 13, 1943. He was baptized in October 1959 at the Marlow Church, Marlow, OK, by Elder Hylton Crain. He was ordained in July 1980 at the Bethlehem Church, Oklahoma City, OK He married the former Julia Mae Morrisett on June 24, 1963. To this union three children were born.

ELDER DANIELS WRITES: I had a very traumatic experience in 1972. My family and I were vacationing in the New Orleans, La. area. We had just finished a picnic lunch and were playing in the sand on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico. My brother-in-law and I decided that we would go swimming. Before we knew what was happening, we were being pulled out instead of in and the water became very deep. I realized at this point that I was going to drown. At that point I called out, "God please save me!” Almost immediately, my feet dug into a sandbar. As I stood up, I looked out into the Gulf and about 30 feet ahead of me was my brother-in-law. The last words I heard him say was, "Allen please help me!" I was too tired and too scared to go after him. That was the last time I was to see him alive. He drowned that day right before my eyes. I kept remembering the words of an old retired Coast Guard man that lived on Grand Island. He said that eight out of ten people that drown on that beach, their bodies were never found. I prayed and prayed. I made a vow to God at that time which went something like this, "Lord if you will just give us back his body, 15 then I will serve you for the rest of my life." On the third morning after his drowning, my brother-in-law's body washed up on the beach less than 100 yards from where it went out. We shipped him back to Canadian, Texas and had the funeral three days later. The guilt of my brother-in-law's death bore heavy upon my conscience. After a few months, the bad dreams stopped and I began to resume my normal day-to-day life of being a husband and father. My wife and I, at that time, were members of the Oklahoma City Church. After my "Gulf Experience," Church attendance became the most important thing in my life. One Saturday night, the pastor, Elder Oba Cummings, called my name to come forward and introduce the services. I had never done that before, but the VOW that I had previously made to God sounded loudly in my head, "You promised to serve me!" That was in April or May of 1978. After the death of their pastor, Elder John Dewitt, the Crescent Church called for my ordination. On Saturday afternoon before the second Sunday in July 1980, I was ordained at the same association where I had made my first public attempt. I pastored the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church at Crescent, OK for 10 years and have been pastor of the Tuttle Primitive Baptist Church since October 1989.

August 2017 update:

Elder Daniels serves the Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)
Elder James Compton was the original founder of the 'Gospel of Grace Tape Supply.' His collection of tapes began as he traveled to Church meetings and Associations recording sermons on Reel to Reel. He has maintained this library of sermons faithfully over the years and are now the foundation of PB Sermons. org. This web site is dedicated to Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)