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E. D. McCutcheon

Elwyn D. McCutcheon was born Sept. 14, 1912, in Padin, Ms., the son of Samuel Powell and Cailie Gipson McCutcheon He married Hattye White of Wynne Ark. July 21, 1940. In Sept. 1941 a daughter was born. Also in April 1941 received appointment as a substitute Railway Postal Clerk assigned to the Memphis District.
On June 18, 1944 he united with Morris Memorial Church in Memphis, by profession of faith and baptism. His companion, Hattye, united with Morris Memorial by confession and baptism Aug. 18, 1946. Shortly after that he was called upon to open services at Morris Memorial. He felt the call to the ministry, but because of the low seniority he had in the Postal Service, he wasscheduled to work many Sundays. This conflict caused him to resign from the PostalService in Jan. of 1948 and move to Booneville, Ms. He and his wife moved their membership by letter to New Hope church, near Booneville, Ms. March 27, 1948. He was ordained to the ministry on the 4th Sunday in June of that year. Bethel Church at Bruce, Ms. had been organized in 1947 and early in 1948 Elder McCutcheon was given a regular appointment there. He was called as pastor of Bethel, Sept. 3, 1948 where he served eight years, one Sunday and Sunday night each month. In October 1949, Laodicea Church, Lafayette Springs, Ms. called him as pastor on 4th Sunday morning and Saturday night before. He is the present pastor in the 41st year of continuous service. Providence Church, Michie, TN called Elder McCutcheon as pastor Nov. 13, 1949. He served one Sunday and Sunday night monthly for 26 years except for a brief time that he was hindered from coming. Greenfield Church, Greenfield, TN called Elder McCutcheon as pastor in 1951. He served there 10 years, one Sunday and Sunday night in each month. Greenwood, Ms. Primitive Baptist Church was organized Nov. 30, 1952.
Elder McCutcheon preached the first sermon ever preached by a Primitive Baptist preacher in Greenwood in early 1950 in the city hall. Elder W. C. Moak preached one Sunday each month there until the organization of the church. Elder McCutcheon was called to pastor the church one Sunday and Sunday night, Nov. 22, 1966. He resigned 12/1/1974 to devote 3 Sundays to Bethany Church, which desired to goto full-time services. He had been called to pastor Bethany Church, Pontotoc, MS beginning in October 1971. He served there nine years. Before leaving Greenwood, Sister Clovis Smith and Sister Mary Elizabeth Conner wanted to start a newsletter. This they did and it hassurvived to this date as Glad Tidings, published and mailed monthly by Elder McCutcheon. After the death of Elder J. M. Bullard, who served Hopewell Church near Randolph, Ms. for 40 years, Elder McCutcheon began to try to help them. After he resigned at Bethany, he accepted the care of Hopewell and continued there until Lafayette Springs decided to have services every Sunday.
Elder McCutcheon has been devoted to improving the singing in Primitive Baptist Churches since he became a member. Elder Jerald Williams taking a lesson from the regional singing schools in Texas, started Harmony Valley Singing School in 1970 at Salem Church, Natchez, MS. Elder McCutcheon helped teach for the years that the school was in Natchez, and when it was no longer feasible to have the school there, Elder McCutcheon and Bethany Church decided to have it in Pontotoc County.
Elder McCutcheon has written a number of articles and has had three works published. THE DOCTRINE OF SOVEREIGN GRACE, "THIS WE BELIEVE—Primitive Baptist Beliefs And Practices," and "FROM SONSHIP TO DISCIPLESHIP." UPDATE

TO THE ABOVE - NOVEMBER 1999: Elder McCutcheon is still serving Laodicea Church, every Sunday. The church has just celebrated 50 years with him as pastor and called him for another year. His health is very good, considering his age. He still is able to drive and hold meetings in other churches and thanks the Lord every day for the blessings he has experienced with the Primitive Baptists.

Updated September 23, 2017 -
E.D. McCutcheon served and preached at Laodicea Church from 1949- 2002 . Current Pastor is Elder Steve Weaver.

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