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" Quit You Like Men and be Mature in Understanding "
  Gus Harter

photos/2-747902649.jpg Happy 80th Birthday to Elder Gus Harter!

Directly following comments on putting away malice like children Elder Harter mentions being men of understanding. This audio clip refers to this aspect of a man's wisdom and understanding of God's word.

To hear the entire message please click on sermon icon above then search for the title, "Quit You Like Men" and then you will see Gus Harter's complete message originally preached in 1992.

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" Justification, Part 1 "
  Michael Gowens

photos/2-464305897.JPG "Justification Precisely Defined" is the title of this series which was broadcasted on the radio program, "Sovereign Grace Today" in 2005. We have these broadcasts in 4 parts.

Elder Gowens brings his teaching ability in rightly dividing this biblical subject. You will learn what the word justify means according to Scriptures. Is justification a change in person or a pronouncement? What is the verdict? You will learn the differences between justification and condemnation, between the mirror images of ourselves and the law's view, between regeneration and justification. Can we mix metaphors of the delivery room and the court room? How important is the Cross of Jesus to the work of justification? These and many other topics will be discussed in detail.

This series will cause the preacher to reaffirm his beliefs and become better acquainted with the importance of justification and will also equip our church members in knowing the truth in contrast with the many popular notions of today. If you have the idea that justification is something we can do as in, 'to make just' need to listen in.

Hope you will be blessed in your study of God’s word.

To continue to part 2, from the Sermon section, search for ‘Michael Gowens’ and then scroll to ‘Justification, Part 2.’

Other sermons that delineate this great doctrine are listed by doing a search on "Justification."

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Welcome to a library of Primitive Baptist sermons. Experience the "faith of our fathers" by listening to the preaching of many of our able ministers of yesteryear! E.D. Bryant, C.M. Mills , J.A. Monsees, Cecil Darity, C.E. Smith, Walter Evans, Leon Clevenger, Afton Richards, V.F. Lowrance, Harvey Daily, Manning Temples and many more!

We hope you will be blessed listening to the prerecorded sermons and encourage you to the study of God’s Word.

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" Why Do Good People Suffer, 1976 "
  Sonny Pyles

photos/2-787148816.jpg How can we consider our afflictions, "light?" Suffering is a reality we must often endure. Who should we blame? Why do godly people suffer?

At the time of this sermon, Elder Pyles references a good man he knew who was suffering. He said, "There is something, to night, in my carnal, natural reasoning, that tells me that's not right." He referred to a once very able preacher and writer, J.D. Holder. "For 5 years in bed, mind gone, unable to communicate - like a vegetable."

In this sermon Elder Pyles speaks to the questions raised by Asaph in Psalms 73, in a sermon titled, "Why Do Good People Suffer?"

It is a lengthy sermon but full of Scripture on the subject of suffering, (Over 1 hour, 8 minutes.)

Some of the interesting points made in this sermon cover suffering in general, the difference between punishment and chastisement and our view points toward each. 2 extremes parents have in training children, 4 steps of blame, negatives and positives, Paul's thorn in the flesh, sufferings and glory - just to name a portion of relevant topics.

This sermon was preached at Eureka church in Georgia, 1976. (You will hear reference to then Pastor, Elder Raybon Lord.)

Good quality recording preserved for you, now 42 years later.

PBS Administration

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Sad to report that Elder Devon Harris has passed away on 12/22/2018. He was the Pastor of Angier Primitive Baptist Church, North Carolina. Detailed obituary in ministers section.

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Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)
Elder James Compton was the original founder of the 'Gospel of Grace Tape Supply.' His collection of tapes began as he traveled to Church meetings and Associations recording sermons on Reel to Reel. He has maintained this library of sermons faithfully over the years and are now the foundation of PB Sermons. org. This web site is dedicated to Elder James Compton (1905 - 2007)